RS: basement: before & during

From the first realtor’s tour two Decembers ago to this month’s freezer upheaval, the basement has been our arch nemesis. I’m sure there’s some kind of motivational talk / Bible study material here — you may be cute and quaint with lots of potential, but if your soul (basement) is flooded and rusted and rotten, you’re still as much of […]

restoration saga: the ghost of stink bugs past

We knew that when we cleaned the attic we’d be encroaching upon the territory of winged things. When we finally did face our fears and clean the poo out of the two attic rooms, we were swarmed by no such creatures. We found zero bats. We found four birds (we think), and the only one living removed itself from the house without a […]

restoration saga: how does an engineer destroy a floor?

Answer: In the most complicated way possible. Mission: To remove the particle board floor from the poor, tortured 1938 hardwood. Solution 1 (beat wildly at it with a hammer) didn’t work. Enter engineer. Solution 2: 1. Try hammer. No workee?   2. No problem. Collect at least four shovels. Wedge them under crappy floor. 3. Beat […]

restoration saga: renovating with a broken brain

I have no business renovating a house. On top of my lack of prior experience, I sport an embarrassing lack of hand-eye coordination. The events that qualify as other people’s most embarrassing experiences ever make up my daily existence. Ran into a wall? Not again. Tray dropped in the cafeteria? Take a bow. In our […]

restoration saga: expiration date

To fully appreciate what happened tonight at the house, you’ll need a short history lesson. Before our family purchased the house this fall, the house sat, unoccupied, for about two years. The previous owner had passed away, and his family didn’t want the house (apparently, stripping a home down to its studs and starting over is appealing to […]

power and the flu

Update: if you’re tired of hearing about sick people, you can just skip this post and take thirty seconds to watch my healthy, 5’11”, 17-year-old brother dunk. — My husband and I have embarked on an intense weight loss program to jump start the New Year. It’s called the stomach flu. I suppose I was unspecific […]