you must be the baby

My mother and I take a pilates class together on Fridays. (We seem drawn to making fools of ourselves.) Last week after class, while I gathered my things, my mom shared with our instructor that she had had the four of us kids pretty close together, and that now we’re 23, 22, 19, and – “my baby just turned 18.” […]

restoration saga: a river runs through it

Our house sits in a quiet neighborhood. There’s the low hum of the highway, happy shouts of children, and the low ruffing of our friendly neighborhood Doberman. Step inside, and all of that disappears. This tiny house is, I think, a peaceful place and perfectly quiet, except for one thing. There appears to be a fresh […]

restoration saga: renovating with a broken brain

I have no business renovating a house. On top of my lack of prior experience, I sport an embarrassing lack of hand-eye coordination. The events that qualify as other people’s most embarrassing experiences ever make up my daily existence. Ran into a wall? Not again. Tray dropped in the cafeteria? Take a bow. In our […]

cliff diving & chicken parm: a love story

My husband is amazingly confident. He walks like he knows where he wants to go and how to get there. And without tripping. When he questions himself, it’s a crisis. When I question myself, it’s Tuesday. If you ever should see the two of us together, this will become abundantly clear. He’ll be standing there, shoulders […]