RS: basement: before & during

From the first realtor’s tour two Decembers ago to this month’s freezer upheaval, the basement has been our arch nemesis. I’m sure there’s some kind of motivational talk / Bible study material here — you may be cute and quaint with lots of potential, but if your soul (basement) is flooded and rusted and rotten, you’re still as much of […]

RS: before & during: bathroom

This one, I’m sorry to say, is a bit less glamorous than the dining room. Part of this is because it’s a bathroom. Unless you have unreal amounts of moolah at your disposal for their renovation, they don’t always turn out especially glamorous. This one, though. It required extra special levels of bravery (and youth) (and […]

RS: why we haven’t moved in & a new series

Frequently, we’re asked, “How much work have you done on the house?” Well . . . uhh . . . how much time do you have? Usually we opt for some variation of “Well, the renovation’s been more extensive than we planned, so we had to strip it down to the studs and replace everything except some walls.” “The […]