about her corbeille

I created la corbeille (French for “trash can”) in September, 2012, because it seemed like the only way I could keep myself from depositing everything I created . . . in the corbeille.

(For kicks, here’s the first post.)

Today, this blog exists for more than forcing me to be brave. I’m investigating how to live a good life on a Ramen noodle budget, tracking the restoration of our 1938 falling-apart house, and trying to tell good stories about learning to love well.

So, hey.

If you’re not one of the 12 people who’s not new, here’s a smattering of what’s in store:

New Pants 
Radiant Little Monsters 
Good Life, Free to a Good Home 
The Principle of Small Things

I don’t have a grand plan, and that’s okay. I’m trying not to lose myself in the big picture. I’d like to think smaller, pour my best into all these unplanned moments. Catch just the next step underfoot. Avoid falling down the whole flight, if possible.

6 thoughts on “about her corbeille

  1. LOVED your article on paring down Christmas…so relevant in this crazy, consumerismistic (word?) society. I’ve really aimed myself at doing that this year, even as I have thought about it in years past…now it’s for real, both by circumstance and by design. Thank you for validating my thoughts in such a balanced, intelligent…and Christ-centered way.

    • Hi, Suzanne! Thanks so much for your feedback. I’m indebted to lots of friends and speakers and authors for the way that they changed my perspective. I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the way that the culture around us celebrates Christmas (or doesn’t) that we fail to see how the church isn’t doing a very good job of honoring the birth of Christ.

      Wishing you a merry Christmas 🙂

  2. Thank you for responding. The answer to your statement about the church’s slant on Christmas can go into so many different directions… This year, as a teacher of young children, I will facilitate a birthday party for Jesus with the young ‘uns while their parents celebrate a little more solumnly (maybe) in the sanctuary on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas day, I will be helping to serve dinner to the homeless community through the mission located in our town. Not to “blow my own horn”…but just to show that THIS year my heart is expanded into DOING more for others than I have in the past…all due to my desire to see MORE of the Holy Spirit in my life. And I do believe that the American church is waking up to the fact that it has become the Laodicean church of Revelation. I know that there are pastors in our area who are teaching and praying for revival..not all, but a “remnant”…
    Have a blessed Christmas!

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