restoration saga: les toilettes

This week, I shop toilets. It is as exciting as it sounds. I have discovered that companies feel a great glowing pride toward their toilets. They are excited. Descriptions read like recycled sports car advertisements — ours are the sleekest, the fastest, the strongest, the most modern and stylish and streamlined. Not like those other toilets. I want to pull aside a sales associate and […]

there shall be showers of blessings

One of my college roommates told me of a sermon she once heard about trees — that the harder the wind blows in their branches, the further they spread their roots into the ground. She thought of this lesson every time she walked past the biggest, most beautiful tree rising above our campus chapel. She would meditate on […]

let them eat funnel cakes

I consider myself a frugal person. Partially out of character (I hoard. It’s bad), partially out of necessity (we won’t go there). But I have two great weaknesses. Fall festivals and discounted sweaters. Both attacked my wallet this weekend, so I’ll be living on Ramen for the next two weeks. I consider the cost worth it. […]