RS: plagues and missing the point

Well. The HVAC folks determined that we needed to replace our gas line and alter our bathroom plumbing. HAD WE BEEN INFORMED ten weeks ago when the project began, this would have been simpler. But now we wait. (Do we do anything else?) Gas people showed up, said there’s no problemo, turned on our gas, […]

how to survive vacation with a cold hearted killer

It started with a crazy idea and $150. And an application and an interview at the Humane Society and a small array of things that squeaked (but not for long). Parenthood was ours. All seemed to be progressing normally, except that she wanted to eat the whole world. Including, for a time, me. But we were […]

you must be the baby

My mother and I take a pilates class together on Fridays. (We seem drawn to making fools of ourselves.) Last week after class, while I gathered my things, my mom shared with our instructor that she had had the four of us kids pretty close together, and that now we’re 23, 22, 19, and – “my baby just turned 18.” […]

restoration saga: the ghost of stink bugs past

We knew that when we cleaned the attic we’d be encroaching upon the territory of winged things. When we finally did face our fears and clean the poo out of the two attic rooms, we were swarmed by no such creatures. We found zero bats. We found four birds (we think), and the only one living removed itself from the house without a […]

restoration saga: how does an engineer destroy a floor?

Answer: In the most complicated way possible. Mission: To remove the particle board floor from the poor, tortured 1938 hardwood. Solution 1 (beat wildly at it with a hammer) didn’t work. Enter engineer. Solution 2: 1. Try hammer. No workee?   2. No problem. Collect at least four shovels. Wedge them under crappy floor. 3. Beat […]

restoration saga: a simple exchange of trash

Although our house lives in a safe neighborhood, it lives by itself. An abandoned house hidden in the woods is still an abandoned house in the woods, and even if everything around it seems tame, sometimes you lose your trash. For months we piled our recyclables in the driveway (yeah, we’re that house), until one fateful night, somebody carted […]

restoration saga: a river runs through it

Our house sits in a quiet neighborhood. There’s the low hum of the highway, happy shouts of children, and the low ruffing of our friendly neighborhood Doberman. Step inside, and all of that disappears. This tiny house is, I think, a peaceful place and perfectly quiet, except for one thing. There appears to be a fresh […]