7 books for navigating a quarter life crisis.

I started a real piece on quarter life crises, but then the angst of being 25 and broke took down the desire to write about being 25 and broke. Bummer, too. Maybe if I weren’t spending so much time working, I could respond to all these articles about how lazy I am.


I’m so bewildered by the prospect of having to grow up by midnight on Saturday that I can’t even talk about it.

I'm so old.

I’m so old.

Instead I’ve appealed to the experts. I hope that this short list of seven books will bring perspective, comfort, and great wisdom to the troubled lives of my peers.

Only then can we hope to navigate the emotional quagmire that is life amidst millennial-hating bloggers, slow death by student loan asphyxiation, and strangers in the grocery store urging us not to wait any longer to propagate the species (Now that you’ve checked on the status of my reproductive system, what was your name again?).

I give you . . . 7 legal coping mechanisms for your quarter life crisis.


1. harry potter
2. harry potter
3. harry potter
4. harry potter
5. harry potter
6. harry potter
7. harry potter


8. the adventures of huckleberry finn


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