exciting times in the blogiverse.

Last September I told myself that if I blogged consistently for a year, I could have a dot com home.

The motivation behind this was motivation — to write. Also, avoiding the  embarrassment (one of the driving forces in my life, which is kind of a joke because embarrassing situations seem drawn to me by an unexplainable magnetic force) which would inevitably result from jumping the gun on an experiment only to let it fail. Also, I was unbelievably broke, in an unfunny way.

This year I’m proud to have produced over 80 blog posts (of varying quality, but I did it), I’m beginning to take myself seriously as a writer ((REVOLUTIONARY)), and I’m slightly less broke.

If my fingers don’t cramp up and fall off before September 29th, I’ll have blogged for a full year. Rereading the first post and the faltering series that followed makes me happy — unusually proud of the sick, tired, overworked me that decided to crack out of my introvert shell and produce something that wasn’t an academic paper for the first time in over five years — since high school.

Who knows. I may just try to flex my (nonexistent at the moment) web design muscles and jazz things up and just camp out right here, or I may start more seriously domain-hunting.

Regardless, after waffling
among name ideas DSC07361 (800x600)for a while, I’ve tentatively decided to keep the corbeille. I thought that a new name might be more accessible (you know, like, if it were in English), but this old corbeille is so essentially (for better or worse) me that it seemed hard to let it go.

I may be losing my French, but not my love for it.


That — and you’ve started finding my blog through web searches for la corbeille, which is encouraging. You’re looking for my writing (or for French trash cans?), and I’m incidentally teaching you French, and I may not have to change my name and confuse or lose followers. Win-win-win.

For now I’ll just vamp up my research and more seriously brainstorm design options. My current design idea involves hauling a step ladder outside and snapping pictures from there. If I live through the experience, you might begin to see some changes around here.

I hope that’s not too alarming.

I, for one, hate change, and I won’t judge if this makes you uneasy.

I think we’ll make it through together.

4 thoughts on “exciting times in the blogiverse.

  1. This is so heartening to me since I’m at the point you were a year ago. Happy blogiversary to you (if that is a thing)!
    (and, for what it’s worth, I think la corbeille is a beautiful name.)

    • blogiversaries should be a thing if they’re not! with cake. and party hats.

      congratulations on your decision to keep writing! I’ve found it helpful to keep writing in hard times. it’s cathartic or something.

      thanks for the affirmation 🙂

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