writing elsewheres.

I will spare you all the excuses for not being here more this summer (I have been busy . . . working . . . *very small violin begins to sing* . . . and taking long naps on the porch). But here’s an actual reason:

Someone else featured me! Really. (I cannot tell a lie.)

Shelley (Graber) Smucker was kind enough to ask me to guest post, so I wrote about one of my favorite movies and biggest problems over at her blog  frame.of.mind.

Shelley is my cousin’s cousin — and appropriately kicks the post off with the Mennonite game (a party trick not appreciated by most people I know — in which several people gather around and explore the multiple intricate relationships among their family trees. It’s a good time.).

Shelley brings to light beautiful things about life on planet earth that we tend to miss, so I felt that it would be fitting to share some thoughts on our impulse to try to skip seasons of life, mute our feelings, and kick it into cruise control instead of soaking in the beauty and trusting God with the pain of our ordinary days.

Also: groundhogs.

If you care to read, click here! I highly recommend staying a while and reading some of Shelley’s own work.

Now, off to recover from an overly ambitious Monday.

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