RS: etsy saves the day

Last week, after a spirited but polite debate with my husband about the placement of our bathroom sconces (your eye level or mine?), I turned to Pottery Barn as the ultimate authority on light height.

In case you too were just having this discussion, PB places downward-facing sconces about three feet above the counter on either side of the mirror.

Hence: the housing – at Josh’s eye level. The actual light bulb? Mine.

Once we shook on that, we perused Pottery Barn’s sconce collection. (As a safety precaution, put your wallet away before you click on that.)

We found these beauties on sale, but PB’s version of on sale is $119. My mother, looking on, mentioned that we should make the lights ourselves, from our mason jar collection.

But it’s the DIY impulse that got us into this mess in the first place, and when you DIY a whole house, the last thing you need is a couple of lamps to distract you.

Enter Etsy. And all its artists and artisans with time to make something of their mothers’ good ideas.

And probably aren’t DIYing whole houses. If they are, I hate them.

Here are a few of our favorites.

Handcrafted Blue Mason Jar Sconce, by The Blue Cabinet, $60

Vintage CLEAR Canning Jar SCONCE, by LampGoods, $49

Vintage Mason Jar Brass Arm Wall Sconce, by junkyardlighting, $79

Brass Wall Sconce Lamp – Clear Mason jar Wall Light with Brass Socket and Mount, by IndustrialRewind, $47

We selected this guy, below. We love it. We’re suckers for aged bronze. And it’s possible that the price was right.

Mason Jar Sconce / Mason Jar Wall Light, by SouthernConcepts, $36

(If you want to get really jar crazy, you can get this guy. For a mere $119. And four cents.)

If you like things and saving money and having things made by people instead of machines, I recommend that you check some of those shops out. They feature mostly industrial / updated vintage / handmade / Edison style things. All good things. They sell good things.

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