restoration saga: the basement is real

I have encountered a smidge of skepticism.

The basement is real. I wish I were kidding.

(You brought this upon yourself.)


That is the creature who dwells within the shadows my loving husband.

DSC01087 (1024x768)

That is our freezer. And our stream.

DSC01086 (768x1024)

That is our plunger for plugging the stream.


The old staircase in the middle of the kitchen, the eye-level corner for bumps on my head.

DSC07677 - Copy (1024x768)

That is why we needed two dumpsters.
(Pictured: ceramics, canned goods, paints, mold.)

DSC07661 - Copy (1024x768)

That’s what it looked like when we toured the dump house in the winter of 2011. And we still bought it.


6 thoughts on “restoration saga: the basement is real

  1. Oh, it’s real.

    I’ve been there and back . . . but I’m not the same

    The pictures don’t do it justice . . . they make it look almost inviting

    Except for the staircase — that’s pretty accurate. Like gazing into the face of darkness

    But take heart. Soon regiments of bleach will do battle with the mold-hordes and rustless cans of paint will go boldly into the abyss with colors raised high to avenge the fate of their comrades

    From distant shores a de-humidifier that isn’t easily offended will answer the call

    And light will chase darkness from the crypt

    And it will be just

    A basement

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