restoration saga: les toilettes

This week, I shop toilets. It is as exciting as it sounds.

I have discovered that companies feel a great glowing pride toward their toilets. They are excited. Descriptions read like recycled sports car advertisements — ours are the sleekest, the fastest, the strongest, the most modern and stylish and streamlined. Not like those other toilets.

I want to pull aside a sales associate and ask, “Are these new toilets or are they still for what I think they’re for?

kohler numi

friends, that is a toilet. click for source.

Alas. We are sanitized. Distanced. Look how pretty.

Pretty, pretty toilets.

One thought on “restoration saga: les toilettes

  1. LOVE IT! We just remodeled our master bathroom. I purchased a new, shiny toilet and was quite excited about it! Well, sort of excited about it. If only it would clean itself…

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