restoration saga: a change in value

Over a year ago, I began stalking a little falling apart house on Why? Because I had a nonsensical attachment to its sloping, leaking roof, and [whispers] the idealism made me do it.

I went a step further and, to finalize the stalking, signed myself up for updates delivered to my inbox every time a change was made in the house’s market status.

Since snagging the house (oh happy day), I’ve maintained the e-mail subscriptions. I’ve enjoyed watching the completely random value changes pop into my inbox. Woops. Dumpster in the yard. Dropped three percent. Mowed the grass! Wait and see.

Actually, it’s all meaningless (yes, I have been reading Ecclesiastes. Why did you ask?). Today, this appeared in my inbox:

Home Watcher Alert!

You asked for alerts (yes. yes, I did.) and we’ve got them!

Value Change: – 0.95% - icon_arrowdown

WHAT. Have you not heard? WE HAVE OUTLETS. Meaningless. Everything is meaningless.

Still I wait, enduring this season of senseless e-mails, for the day the house doubles in value.

I wait.

One thought on “restoration saga: a change in value

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