I have enough time on my lunch break to buy coffee and deliver it to my husband at work.

It took me eight months to realize this.

Do you ever spend hours — nay, weeks — trying to invent something kind to do for someone — and then find that all the while the most awesome option was dangling in your peripherals?

Yes, marriage expert Emily at your service.

If you feel like doing something nice, go buy someone water and beans. Apparently Ms. Sandy is barrelling towards us, and she’s closer and bigger than previously expected.

Sandy is not a person. That would be rude.

After work, I topped off my gas tank like a responsible grown up and stopped by the supermarket for essentials. Two lines away from me was a grown man in a business suit buying two pints of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Essentials.

I presume that he was buying a gift — more practiced than I at being nice — and that he and whoever else are gonna ride out this storm in style.

Stay safe, y’all.

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