People ask me what my plans are for my blog. I have no plans. I used to have plans, but then I watched those plans blow up into tiny pieces, so I’ve stopped planning, mostly. I plan to finish this cup of cider.

You and I have been at this for a month now. I had no idea that you would be with me. Any time I get a notification I have a minor fit. People read this stuff?

It brings me joy to hear people use words like real and relatable in reference to my writing. I was for a long time cast artificially as a practically perfect Poppins-type and it’s refreshing, albeit painful, to name my problems and hear people say “me too.”

I don’t mean to be sentimental and make you stare at your feet and feel awkward because you’re not sure how to explain to me that reading for four weeks doesn’t mean you’re ready for a long-term commitment.

Thanks for chiming in, for sharing my stuff, for cheering me on, for reading the writing of a person with so few plans. Onward.

3 thoughts on “plans

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