restoration saga: war on plaster

Otherwise known as “former owner mystery number six hundred seventy-eight.”

Where our house didn’t have horrible 70s fake wood paneling, it had plaster. And where it did, it also had plaster.

Our house was built in 1938. We imagine that the plaster went in then. My totally uninformed fear of respiratory dangers kicked into gear, but our architect friend told us that most plaster in residential buildings did not contain asbestos during that time period. We were probably safe. But it was crumbling in most places, and the boards underneath weren’t looking so hot (gray and cracking), and we have reno-fever. So we went for it. We’re glad we did.

We discovered that, excepting an odd double-paneled half of a wall in the kitchen, there is zero insulation in the exterior walls of the first floor.

I’m thinking it’ll take about NO days for the insulation to pay for itself.


3 thoughts on “restoration saga: war on plaster

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