restoration saga: birds and sparks

We bought a falling apart house. I owe you an explanation — but suffice it to say —

Today we found dead birds – four – behind an attic bedroom wall. We discovered double drop ceilings and double paneled walls. In trying to wiggle an outlet free of said paneling I nearly set the house on fire. And learned how to use a fire extinguisher (thanks, honey). And the breaker which controls the kitchen controls the bathroom, hallway, dining room, AND stairwell, so while I stifled my hysterics, we were forced upstairs to work. And there, all the old, crusty fiberglass insulation (itch. itch itch itch.) fell out when we yanked the paneling free. And the dust mask (that is, the particle sifting respirator) made a sauna on my face. I have ceiling chunks in my hair.

Itch itch itch.

Every day we tell each other, “It’s a good thing this isn’t a bad idea.”

Today was work day number 5 — and we had 5 total workers. And I am dearly thankful for and encouraged by your cheerful workhorseness. Also by the apple cider when I got home. But mostly by you.

So thanks.

3 thoughts on “restoration saga: birds and sparks

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