chop chop

I’ve been doing a lot of shaking my head and dancing and squealing today. Becaaaaaaaause I got a big fat haircut. Ten inches. Boom. Gone. I feel like a new woman.

It was a little bit mushroom when she first blow dried it, but it’s calmed down to normal person hair. Thank the good Lord.

AND it’s still pony-tail length, which is basically a requirement. I reserve the right to a lazy day.

It took two stinking minutes to blow dry it this evening. TWO MINUTES. Oh, happy day.

I’ve donated before to Locks of Love – three times. The first time I felt like I’d cut my head off. This time I wasn’t a bit nervous. But something I always get wrong: I’ve never timed it right — it’s always in cold weather. Someday I’ll get it just at the beginning of summer.

No pictures because I live in the shrinking world of dumb phones. Tomorrow? OK.

I’m off to bed. Probably will dance my way there.


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